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▶️ Risk Management Calculator

About Course

Risk Management is one of the most important element of trading. And No trading strategy is profitable without it. But most traders ignore it and focus only on technical of trading. This Course will help you to build risk management strategy and how you can grow account even with less than 50% winning strategy.

In this course you will learn science of risk management and how to combine it with trading strategy and increase & increase winning rate.

This course is for you if you want to know how much time it will take to DOUBLE your trading account based on your trading & technical strategy.

You can’t be in profit even if your trading strategy winning rate is 80% or more if you don’t follow proper Risk management. And Taking trades without calculating proper lot size is also one of the major reason of losses.

What you will get in this-
  • Risk management Strategy
  • Risk management calculator
  • Profit calculator
  • Lot Size Calculator
     1 –  Risk management Strategy

Trading with proper risk management is a science of trading, and without this no trader will be successful at all. With this risk management strategy, you will learn what mistakes you are doing in calculating risk while opening the trade and how these small things are affecting you in making profits.

How to overcome these trading mistakes, in order to grow your account. And without risk management strategy, no technical analysis will work.

     3 – Profit calculator

Our Profit calculator will help you to calculate how much time it will take to double your trading account based on your trading style. With this, you can do instant calculation to grow your account based on weekly and monthly growth.

     4 – How to calculate lot size of trading

Calculating proper lot size is an art and without doing so, you can’t grow or double your account.

Trading with any random lot size will never grow your trading account. Trading with large lot size can blow your account within no time or trading with very small lot size will not give that much profit as it should be according to account size or stop loss size.

And here comes importance of using proper lot size, and lot size could be different in different trade based on pair, SL size, amount of dollars we are betting.

For growing or doubling your account you need to take trades with proper lot size trades with calculating your risk, account size, SL size, and your profit target.


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Material Includes

  • Risk management calculator
  • Profit calculator
  • Lot size calculator
  • PnL calculator
  • Risk management strategy

Who this course is for:

  • Trader who want to learn risk management strategy
  • Trader who have big losses in market
  • Trader who can’t book their profits
  • Traders who wants to pass Funded Account Challenge