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I’m the founder of www.steptraders.com and carrier rich experience in financial domain including forex market, crypto currencies and NFT’s. I’ve worked with veterans of market in last 7 years. I’m skilled in understanding market standards & carries deep insight knowledge on how big institutions or banks derive the forex market purely based on algorithmic.
My expertise is in forex, crypto and in NFT space.
I’ve trained students for passing funding challenge with using proper risk management & trading psychology.

Our Story

StepTraders Academy

Step Traders is the education providing academy. We are trading both Forex & crypto market since 2016 and having rich experience in trading based on technical, Price Action & fundamentals. We have worked with veterans of market and carries deep insight knowledge how financial market works. It’s my immense pleasure to spread awareness & educate how Forex market works. And how you can grow trading account or pass funding challenge with using proper risk management.


• Forex Elite training
• Basics of Forex Market (Coming soon)
• Fundamentals of crypto currency (Coming soon)
• Crypto-Currency A-Z course (Coming soon)
• Future of NFT’s (Coming soon)

We are also involved in NFT space since 2020, and flipping NFT’s. We provide bootcamps on NFT’s and guide how to flip NFT’s to maximize the returns. NFT’s are witness that people are converting even 500$ to $20,000 with applying for rare whitelist opportunities & we cover this whitelist process in our NFT bootcamp. Along with this, we include some rare NFT details which will help you in generating lakh’s of rupees.


With our Forex Elite Training course, we help traders to pass funded account challenge and grow their personal account with fast track. In this we cover pure price action-based strategy (smart money concepts), fundamentals of forex, trading psychology and how to do proper risk management. And that’s not all. We cover back testing and break down the analysis of high reward trades.

This will be a 360 degree and covers everything you need to know in order to become a profitable forex trader. We train on how you can trade in the forex market in line with Institutions & Bank. And guides you where retailers trap most of the time and how you can avoid those traps and increase winning rate.