Information We Collect

We may collect and use your IP address to help administer services on our website as well as to improve your user experience. We do not use your IP address to collect any personally identifiable information. Demographic and interest data also collected at our website. We use this data to tailor the information emailed to our customers and to display the content according to their preferences. We offer a variety of both free and paid services and courses that will require your voluntary submission of information. The information that may be collected is as follows:

Full Name

Complete address including street, city, state, zip code

Email Address

Phone Number


IP Address

Payment Information

If you want to purchase our services, we might employ a 3rd Party provider, such as (our gateway link), to gather your credit card information and other payment-related data. The privacy statement and terms of service for third-party websites are applicable when you submit information there.

We might also gather details you give us about other people, like how you heard about our website and programmes. 

The information will be used by us to make sure you have a good experience with our business and website and to better understand how we can serve you. Additionally, we’ll utilise this info to get in touch with you when necessary.

If you want to stop getting emails from Step Traders. Please use the unsubscribe link in our emails.

We place a high priority on privacy issues, and we use all tools and procedures at our disposal to safeguard your information. Except as stated in this document, we never sell, grant a licence to, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to a third party.

For commercial objectives, including but not limited to customer support and alerting clients about new courses and services, as permitted by relevant legislation, we may disclose the personal information mentioned above with our affiliates. Any of the information mentioned above, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, may be included in the information we share with affiliates. In compliance with this Policy, our affiliates protect the confidentiality of your information to the same degree as step traders do.

Control your Password 

You consent to never using another Member’s account, username, email address, or password, nor to ever divulge your password to a third party. Your login credentials and password are your sole responsibility, and this includes any payments. You could lose significant control over your personally identifiable information and be vulnerable to legally binding acts being done on your behalf if you lose control of your password or email address. Therefore, you should immediately change your password if it has been hacked for any reason. You promise to let us know right once if you suspect ongoing unauthorised access to your password or usage of your account, even after you’ve changed it.

You could also lose access to your account, course/services or site if we found any suspicious activity, multiple login or recording of course or any other similar activity which violates privacy of our course or services

Refund Policy

After go through all the concepts, attempt quiz, mentorship classes and go through all the courses. And fill-up 100 trades in our provided trading journal based on our concepts and method we teaches in course & live mentorship classes. And still if you aren’t in profit or find this course useful, then we will process partial to full refund after evaluation. In most cases partial refund will vary from 20%- 50% of original order value and process in 10-15 business days.
But to initiate any refund process, below are 2 conditions-
1- Student must go through the course, attend quiz & live mentorship classes.
2- Student should fill 100 trades based on our course in our provided journal to examine there learning.