How to pass funded challenge in forex ? Best Forex Prop firm


Passing a funded challenge is quite difficult if you don’t take it seriously, but if you follow some basic rules and proper strategy, then you can easily make $1,000’s every month. Want to know how? Let’s see-

In order to pass funded challenge, we need to follow a strategy properly. But strategy alone won’t work at all. We need to manage our risk and keep our psychology balanced.  Psychology is the major part of trading eco system, because over trading in FOMO or greed leads to loss challenge rather to pass and get funded account. And once you pass funded challenge, you can make thousands of dollar in profit split out every week or every month.

But, do you make any money just in case if you don’t trade in live funded account?
Answer is BIG NO. But now you can make up to $750 monthly without even trading, without even making profit in live account. Want to know how? Let’s jump to the next part of this.

So as like ftmo or myforexfund, there is a prop firm in forex with name “FXMFUNDING”, and fxmfunding pays monthly salary up to $750 to every funded trader, and this salary is over and above of your profit split out. With every other prop firm either with FTMO, MyForexFund, or with any other, you will get paid only if you make any profit. But with, you will get fix monthly salary up to $750 per month and no matter if you make any profit or not.  And this is 1 of the biggest advantage of Fxmfunding.  Moreover, fee for fxmfunding is lower then FTMO, and on that fee you can avail  extra 5% discount too with code- AKASH26 at checkout page. So this will lower the cost of funded challenge if you use code -AKASH26 at checkout page for FXMFUNDING signup.

As like every funded challenge have  2 phases and once we pass we will get our live account to trade and make profit. Similarly, fxmfunding have the same rules and same 2 phases. Everything is same as like ftmo and my forex fund in both phases, but here you will get extra salary in every month over and above of profit split out. And just in case you aren’t making any profit, you aren’t trading at all, still you will get monthly salary with fxmfunding.

Fxmfunding offer various account size in funded challenge starting from $10,000 to $2,00,000 and salary amount will varies in different account size.  Salary on largest account $2,00,000 will be $750 every month, no matter if you make profit of just 1$ or $10,000.

Being a trader, I can tell  you with my own experience, that it it difficult to trade daily in a week. And if we aren’t trading, if we aren’t making any profit, then we won’t get paid. But now, with fxmfunding we will get paid fix monthly salary no matter if we trade or not.

So if you want to make money without even trading, then FXMFUNDING is for you. You can checkout there website  or there discord as well. And for enroll in discount, use coupon code- AKASH26 at checkout page.

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